What kind of bottles work best with our labels


Choose a wine with an adhesive label, rather then painted or etched glass. Bottles with neck labels can get damaged in the process of removal, so consider choosing a bottle with no labels at the top (or be careful with label removal). Our labels are designed to fit straight bodied bottles.


How we recommend removing the existing label

Please check out our instructional video on YouTube: Lush Label


Fill a large pot, bucket, tub or sink with water. Make sure the bottle(s) can be completely submerged. Add ¼ Cup of baking soda to the water (more or less depending on the amount of water and/or the number of bottles).

Let soak for 20 to 40 min, some labels will just fall off. Scrape off any additional adhesive with a razor blade and sturdy sponge. We like the scrub daddy.

If you are in a rush use a razor blade to scrape off the label in the water. Warning: PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THE RAZOR BLADE. If you have left over residue, which wont come off, use goo gone on the area. Other options are peanut butter or baby wipes will also work well. Make sure to rewash the bottle with soap to remove the oily residue and/or peanut butter. Dry our bottle well.


BONUS: If you want the label on the back of wine bottle to remain, so the recipient will have the wine information, lay the bottle on it’s side in a shallow dish (like a frying pan), using the same directions provided but only enough to cover the label portion you wish removed. Please make sure to secure the bottle, so it does not role.


Application of your Label


First, make sure your hands and the bottle are clean and dry. Remove the backing of the label, using the scores. Some of our labels do not have scored. Remove our label from the backing by using the scores on the back to get yourself started. Position your label on the bottle, start by pressing the label down in one corner working it down to the other, or start in the middle working it down to edges. This will help prevent bubbles under the label. Our labels are removable, so if you’ve placed your label on crooked, you can try again. To reposition your label, use a razor blade or knife to pull up a corner of the label. Peel off our label very carefully, so not to damage the label. Notes: Do this right away. Over time the adhesive sets in. Also, try not to adjust your label too many times, over time the label will start to loose it’s adherence.


Cheers & Enjoy!!!

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